About us


We believe the care and attention involved in dressing our children can be a great bonding time and play a crucial role on their self-esteem. Feeling loved and pretty everyday builds up children’s confidence, which will hopefully stay with them forever.

Benedita is shaping the fast growing trend for timeless and classic children’s wear by bringing together a variety of artists, business women and designers that share the same values, vision and care. Based in London, in 18 months we have grown our presence over 20 retail shops in 6 countries. We are challenging the children’s wear industry to commit and embrace a more sustainable and ethical approach to fashion fostering families to buy less clothes of better quality, reach untapped designer talent and produce in Portugal both as testament of our quality and as a mean to support local communities.

Under the label Benedita, we reveal the artist behind each piece, making our collections wonderfully complete as each designer dedicates its full attention to its part.