Today on our first Little Wardrobe Chronicles we delve into our favourite outfits of the Summer


photo: Amber Fillerup Clark @amberfillerup

It might have been the pinkest Summer in memory and this was our pink dress crush of 2023.


photo: Yoanna Hanbury @yoannahanbury

If we had to choose a pink style for our little girls not from Benedita, it would be this one from Pepa London

photo: Laura Wills @thefashionbugblog

What's Summer whithout a white dress or three...this embroidered beauty was our favourite Benedita dress this Summer. 

photo: Julia Berolzheimer @juliaberolzheimer

Black and white never goes out of style. We loved this simple black and white stripes style with the zig zag trimmings.

photo: Lena Terlutter @lenaterlutter

Another black and white style we loved! Everything about it, the thick stripes, the sailor collar, the straw hat and...the subtle but perfect matching with their little brother.


photo: Jessica Zownir @jessicazownir

Whilst dressing girls is often a one piece puzzle, dressing boys can prove more challenging to perfect. However there is the benefit of a wide choice a never-fail-pieces and a white linen tunic is up there on the list.

photos: Vita M RDH @sincerelyvitam

Proving that dressing boys can be fun! We have been loving Vita dressing her gorgeous little boy this Summer. Safe to say white shorts are firmly on the boys never-fail-pieces list too.


photo: Jean-Charles Vinaj/Pool Monaco

Monaco boys being perfect with all their never-fail pieces. The untucked shirts are our favourite feature, comfort is king. 


photo: Palais Princer de Monaco

Still on Monaco shores and not being the biggest fans of suits for children, if needs to be done this is the way, navy and no tie. We also love Gabriella's dress and most importantly, no socks!


photo: Sophia Fanciulli @sophiafanciulli

 Crochet was a set trend this Summer and due to continue. We loved this  beautiful floral dress as well as its gorgeous model.

photo: Gwyneth Paltrow @gwynethpaltrow 

Apple Martin is 19 but we had to include this stunning look as inspo for our teens <3


Little Wardrobes From The Past

 Ivy Getty Fantasy Wedding (San Francisco, 2021) is what dreams are made of. We love every single detail. Worth a look at all 100 photos

photos: Jose Villa

Little Wardrobes' Decor

 Shared bedrooms are a common reality and it can indeed be a beautiful one.

We love the remodelation by Leah Lane @mymulberryhouse, just beautiful.


 photo: Leah Lane @mymulberryhouse

 A modern approach below

photo: Pinterest



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