Hope you are all enjoying getting back in the routine. Today we bring you a capsule wardrobe shopping guide together with top up suggestions in case you have an important occasion or a more generous budget.

Perhaps contrary to popular belief children do not need a huge amount of clothing assuming they wear a uniform to school. With 26 weekends of Autumn/Winter plus 20 or so days of holidays, choose carefully and you'll find that a small number of good quality items will be a worthy investment. 

There are a few basic items that make a striking difference if gotten right. For both boys and girls.

A good jacket.

Opt for a couple sizes up of a good plain coloured puffer and it can last you up to 3 winters whilst always looking dashing. It turns out that amazing piece that makes all the difference comes around the same cost per season as getting a new one every time. 

navy boys puffer

Tartine et Chocolat navy puffer,  £205


benetton blue puffer

 Benetton blue puffer, £52.95


ralph lauren navy puffer

 Ralph Lauren navy quilted jacket, £145


If you opt for a classic coat, we might seem biased but we haven't found a better price quality coat anywhere else (let us know if you do, please)

classic girl navy wool coat

Benedita classic navy coat, Italian wool (80%), £148



 Boys wool coat

 Benedita Boys Duffle Coat, Italian wool (80%), £115


Good shoes.

This is a necessity and goes beyond fashion. It is important for children to wear good quality shoes. One pair is enough to last you the whole season if chosen right. Get them a good pair of boots or trainers together with some warm socks. 

adidas samba trainers

Adidas samba, £45

ugg boots girls

Ugg boots, £95


Pepa London unisex boot, £80

 For smart shoes our usual favourites are Pretty Ballerinas for girls and Pisamonas for boys, these are our picks for the season.

Pretty Ballerinas velvet flats, £99


Pisamonas loafers, £56.95

A pair of shoes you will also get a lot of use from in the UK is a pair of wellington boots, these might well last you 2/3 years as you can get them a couple of sizes up and are easy to pass down to younger siblings. Would recommend unisex colours such as navy, red or yellow. 






Petit Bateau Jumper - 55% wool, 45% cotton, £74

For us a navy wool jumper is a must every winter so if you are investing in one wool jumper this winter a plain navy one would be our choice, no second thoughts. Wear with a white t-shirt to go to the playground, a shirt for a dinner out or with a hoodie on top of either option and there you go, 5 different outfits for you and they all match perfectly. Change between different trousers/jeans and you have half a dozen more outfits.

 Benedita Navy Jumper

 Benedita Wool Jumper in navy italian wool (80%), £44.5


Other options/additions (if you already have a wool navy jumper)


Petit Bateau Breton Jumper, £79

Arket wool jumper

Arket checked wool jumper, £42


 Casual tops

If we were to pick one it would be this versatile hoodie

benetton fleece hoodie

Benetton Fleece Hoodie, £29.95


Benetton Jumper

Benetton cotton jumper, £19.95 




boy corduroy trousers

Arket Corduroy Trousers, 100% cotton, £37


Benetton jeans, £32.95


Christmas Outfit 

 boys christmas outfit

 Benedita, coming soon



Having an older girl (9 years old) has ironically made me an even bigger fan of dresses! Never seen Benedita wear a dress less than two seasons (and we like them short!) but dear oh dear we count our lucky stars if a pair of trousers are long enough for 3/4 months. With that in mind we definitely recommend getting a dress on that capsule wardrobe.

Call us biased but choosing from our own pieces is really hard! The best I can do is let you know the pieces I will be bringing home for Benedita (bearing in mind she might have one too many from previous years).

 classic girl dress

Benedita, Amite Dress, £74 


A piece that lasts several years and adds tones of style is a gilet. With the advantage of equally elevating a dress or an outfit. You find them in all sorts of price ranges, here are our favourite:

 navy gilet

Mango gilet, £25.99

cream gilet

Matalan gilet, £16



One or two shirts that can be worn in all sorts of ways, with trousers, with skirts, with pinafores, dungarees and of course layer under a gilet are a must have item that will last you all season and make all the difference to an outfit.

Benedita Morgan Shirt, £43.2

Benedita Elaine Shirt, £48 

On cold days layer the shirts with our  good old navy wool cardigan and if that is not enough or extra style is required add a gilet.



girl jeand

Zara jeans, £25.99


 Zara girl cargo trousers, £25.99

Add accessories - Wool beanies and bonnets


Christmas Outfit 

If we had to pick one it would be the Avalon Dress (coming soon) which in reality offers two completely different looks, details to be revealed in a few of weeks (so exciting!).

 velvet Christmas dress

Benedita, coming soon

Anthracite 100% cotton velvet with a tartan sash


We know many of you like smocked dresses, we must confess the only that really stand out for us was this outstanding Bonpoint piece of art which unfortunately comes at an eye watering price point.

smocked party dress bonpoint

Bonpoint Comtesse Dress, £865 

For Benedita herself the finishing touch to all outfits above will ( or would) be her Benedita navy wool coat which she wears for school everyday and still looks close to new (it is its second Winter, couldn't love this coat more, not a bit of pile in sight) It is also an extremely versatile piece which literally goes to school every day as well on top of her velvet dress on Christmas day.

The Benedita rain coat is also a great favourite offering a stylish, practical and waterproof (as well as dirt proof) option. She will also be wearing her three year-old puffer on really cold and rainy days.

girl rain coat

Benedita rain coat, £96.9



Is no overstatement that navy is the black of the under 16. When in doubt go for navy pieces, navy goes with everything, always looks smart and will more easily match any other pieces you already have. It's also unisex, look less dirty etc etc, we are fans. 



Happy shopping,








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